UX Portfolio
All wireframes and mocks on this page were done by me unless otherwise noted.

Smart TV Interface

Full screen recommended. The video below shows the prototype my team has produced. It included a graphic designer and several developers. It’s here to give you a sense of the interaction model I developed to solve navigational inconsistencies in most smart TV interfaces.

These wireframes illustrate the unified navigational principles across multiple different pages. The screen is divided into a large browsing area on the right, and a consistent nav on the left, and the two update each other seamlessly, allowing users to find exactly what they are looking for without getting lost.

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Worksheet Builder

This stack of wireframes was done for Wizer, a 8200-supported educational startup in Israel. The challenge was to enable teachers to create interactive, trackable worksheets for their students, and to make the creation process as easy and fun as possible.

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Social Composer & Enterprise Dashboard

Bitly hired us to design an integrated social media composer and dashboard, that would allow their enterprise clients to manage and track all their social media campaigns directly from within Bitly. All this, while continuing to enhance the basic features of the URL shortener functionality.
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Anonymous Office Board
Stealthy Mobile Startup

This stack of wireframes (branding is a placeholder) was done for a recently funded startup that’s flying under the radar and is scheduled to launch at TechCrunch Disrupt.
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Service Rethink

Rebooks, the famous Bible of Advertising, wanted to rethink their web presence, and bring their product from a closed system to a public resources with tiered access to information. The challenge was to parcel out information as an enticement, in a way that was useful but also encourage subscription.
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Virtual Room Platform

This Virtual Room concept is an attempt to bring the immediacy of co-located interaction to the virtual office. We’ve made status changeable via a desktop shortcut, and we’ve implemented a Touch-to-Speak between Available team members.
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Editorial Dashboard

The SetJam editorial tools had to display and allow editors to manage an enormous amount of real-time updated information, and easily update huge batches of data and locate classification errors. Our sophisticated set of tools and resulting superior user experience got us acquired in 2012.
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Social Book Promotion
The Book of Hard Truths

I self-published this book in April 2014. This landing page, embedded with social promotion tools, was responsible for much of the book’s success. Many familiar elements were used to allow visitors to engage with the book preview, using the book’s visual assets as a draw for social sharing.

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Odds and Ends

A variety of miscellaneous wireframes from over the years. I’ll occasionally add new ones when I come across them in old notebooks.
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