The Book of Hard Truths: 16 Facts of Life We Should Learn to Accept

The Book of Hard TruthsThe Book of Hard Truths

Written by Eran Dror ・ Illustrated by John Cox


“Insightful, Powerful Lessons.”
John Chancellor, Teach the Soul


“Lasts far longer than the time it takes to read.”
Thomas Duff, Vine Voice


About the Book

Uncertainty. Vulnerability. Death. Hard truths have a secret power over us. We’d rather ignore them. Like a virus in our mental software, they operate on the seams that bind the rational and the emotional, and that’s where they trap us. By running away we become their slaves. Only by accepting them can we become free.

This book is an attempt to help you confront these realities of life. It catalogs some of the most universally known but universally resisted hard truths in a fun and engaging format. Like a pre-flight checklist, it will help you review these truths whenever you need to. Accepting them fully? That’s entirely up to you.


About Us


EranBeardAvatar-BWEran Dror is an Israeli-born Designer, Journalist, and Author who spent the past 9 years in New York City. For the past 15 years he has been studying intellectual and religious history, psychology, and meditation.

JohnCoxJohn Cox began showing his paintings at the Abstein Gallery in Atlanta around ’94, and has sold many oils on canvas and watercolor studies. After 9/11, he began creating political cartoons, an effort which continues to this day.


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